1958 – 2008 :    A  FIFTY  YEARS  HISTORY

The history of our company started fifty years ago, when the founder DIMITRIOS CALLIS manufactured his first hydraulic press for olive-oil mill. Partially, since then, the private enterprise was specialized at the construction of olive-oil production plants (traditional type), supplying privates, cooperatives or other field companies with machines. Within the years, by the participation of his sons NIKOLAOS and JOHN the company transformed to the today’s shape (S.A. since 1988).

The development of the factory during these fifty years and the most important activities, have as follows:

From 1958 to 1976 manufacture and supply the local market with traditional type olive-oil mills (by the use of hydraulic presses), either independently either in cooperation with other field companies. By the arrival in Greece of the Swedish multi-national company ALFA-LAVAL at 1977, our firm cooperated constructing for her account exclusively machines for the receipt and treatment of the olives, which accompanied with the imported centrifugal machines, the company was supplying under her firm as complete olive-oil mills at the local market or abroad.

During this cooperation, while CALLIS company was supplying exclusively ALFA-LAVAL, at the same time was free to supply with auxiliary machines customers owned centrifugal machines of other manufacturers. Thus, several “CALLIS” machines or even complete production-lines are in operation (even today) in olive-oil mills together with almost all the European centrifugal machines (decanter) manufacturers.
At the same time (and in parallel with the construction of auxiliary machines) our company was providing to all these various types of centrifugal machines, after sale service, spare parts and repairs. So, having all the experience and the technical equipment needed for, since 1985 the company moved on the construction of decanters at the beginning and separators for olive-oil treatment afterwards. But this activity did not prevent the cooperation with competitor companies. For example, we supplied with auxiliary machines for export and authorized service for local clients the German origin WESTFALIA SEPARATOR since 1991 and for several years.

Beside the construction of decanters for olive-oil application, the company, after research and technology innovation, has developed, constructed and installed in operation decanters for other food industry applications (e.g. tomato, starch) or pollution treatment (e.g. petroleum, waste water).

The repair section of the factory deals with the total repair or reconstruction of all types of decanters and separators, regardless the application (e.g. olive-oil, wine, milk, naval, industry) or manufacturer.

In 2008, celebrating our fifty years anniversary, we proudly presented our achievements:

Approximately two-hundred fifty oil mills operate with our decanters,                                        
In about seven hundred oil mills we have supply (directly or indirectly) auxiliary or complete lines of machines,            
At about five hundred olive-mills we have repair centrifugals (decanter and separators) of other manufacturers,                                
Olive oil mills of our construction operate in foreign countries like Italy, Australia, Lebanon, Tunisia, Albania, Iran, etc.                            
Various important multinational companies have in use our decanters in several industrial applications (e.g. MOTOR-OIL, TASTY FOODS, HEINZ, etc).

In a few words, our company, maybe is now the unique GREEK MANUFACTURER of complete olive-oil production plants of centrifugal type, having technical participation within almost half of the local oil mills and representing proudly the “MADE IN GREECE” logo locally and abroad.

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